Prelim defense: Rachyl Hietpas

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@ 10:00 am

First Prelim defense by Linguistics PhD Candidate Rachyl Hietpas.

Online – email for link if interested in attending.

Was a /b/ Always a /b/?: Dutch Immigrant and Heritage VOT production in Real Time

Abstract: This paper reports on the real-time change present in the laryngeal systems of immigrant and heritage Dutch speakers across 50 years. Examining recordings taken in 1966 and 2018 in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin, I show that prevoicing on Dutch voiced stops and aspiration on Dutch voiceless stops has increased over time. Additionally, I note differences in the degree of change for three different generations of speakers. Following Natvig’s (2021) Integrated Multilingual Sound System model, I argue that this data provides strong evidence of both phonological maintenance as well as phonetic enhancement of the contrast between the two sets of stops within this population. This paper builds on both previous research on heritage languages as well as sound change by using both real-time and multi-generational data to differentiate whether and at which level a sound change is taking place.