Ling Fridays: Camacho-Rios on Quechua motion verbs


Associated motion and direction in South Bolivian Quechua Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk Gladys Camacho-Rios University of Texas at Austin   Online (Email for the link)   This talk discusses associated motion (AM)/directional polysemy in …

Ling Fridays: Namboodiripad on contact-induced change


An experimental approach to contact-induced change: Characterizing "contact" Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk Savithry Namboodiripad University of Michigan   Online (Email for the link)   How does language contact contribute to cross-linguistic variation? This talk …

Ling Fridays: Bigolin on Italian verb-particle constructions

206 Van Hise

A morphosyntactic approach to Talmy’s typology. The case of Italian verb-particle constructions Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk Alessandro Bigolin PhD student, Universtat Autonoma de Barcelona   In person in 206 Van Hise Hall   In this talk …

Ling Fridays: Natvig on phonological chain shifts

201 Van Hise

What chain shifts tell us about phonological substance in sound change Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk David Natvig, University of Stavanger - Norway   Note time and location change! Hybrid modality: in person in Van Hise …

Ling Fridays: Elliot on Negation in Enxet Sur


The Path(s) to Zero Negation in Enxet Sur Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk John Elliot Post-doctoral researcher, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology   Online (Email for the link)   Enxet Sur , an Enlhet-Enenlhet …

Ling Fridays: Hou on Directional Verbs in home sign


Giving puppies: Children’s development of directional verbs in making hands Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk Lina Hou, University of California, Santa Barbara   Online (Email for the link)   Existing research on child acquisition of …

Ling Fridays: Weber on Prosodic Structure in Blackfoot


The synchrony and diachrony of prosodic structure in Blackfoot Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk Natalie Weber, Yale University   Phonological processes are frequently limited to particular prosodic constituents arranged into a hierarchical prosodic structure (Hayes 1989; …

Sámi revitalization Brown Bag talk

1312 Van Hise Hall

South and Lule Sámi Language Revitalization and Nord University, Norway Professors Inger Johansen and Asbjørn Kolberg Co-sponsored by the Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+, Language Sciences, the Language Institute, Enwejig Indigenous Language Advocates, the …

Ling Fridays: Dillon on comprehension and production


Principle B: The view from comprehension and production Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk Brian Dillon, University of Massachussetts   Online (Email for the link)    

Ling Fridays: Reaser on language awareness


Educating the educated: Raising language awareness on campus Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk Jeffrey Reaser, North Carolina State University   Online (Email for the link)