Ling Fridays: Reaser on language awareness


Educating the educated: Raising language awareness on campus Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk Jeffrey Reaser, North Carolina State University In 2014, the Language and Life Project (LLP) at NC State University initiated the nation’s first dialect …

Dubois on Irish Folklore

In person and online

Exploring Irish Folklore of the 1930s using the Meitheal Dúchas Schools Collection Professor Thomas Dubois, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+ In person in 2335 Sterling Hall, and online (advanced registration required for online attendance). …

Ó Dochartaigh on Irish language revitalization

In person and online

Oideas Gael: a social enterprise model for language revitalization Rónán Ó Dochartaigh, Oideas Gael In person in 120 Ingraham Hall, and online (advanced registration required for online attendance). Watch the recording here (Note: you need …

Biggam on color semantics

399 Van Hise

An introduction to color semantics Carole Biggam, University of Glasgow In person Most people rarely question the principal color terms of their language, for example, red, blue, green in English. However, around the world, languages …

Ling Fridays Colloquia: Drake on disrupting linguistic bias


Disrupting linguistic bias through experiential learning in an introductory linguistics class Veronika Drake, Saginaw Valley State University Abstract: Prejudice about groups of people simply based on their dialect (Baker-Bell, 2020; Lippi-Green, 2012) is not only very …

Ling Fridays Colloquia: Keating

201 Van Hise

TBD Cailie Keating, undergraduate Linguistics major, will present her Hilldale research project that she is completing with Professor Grant Armstrong. In person