Surviving Linguistics: A Guide for Graduate Students

Surviving Linguistics
Macaulay, M. Surviving Linguistics: A Guide for Graduate Students. Cascadilla Press, 2011.

This fully updated guide offers linguistics students clear, practical, and focused advice on how to succeed in graduate school and earn a degree. Surviving Linguistics is a valuable resource for students at any stage of their graduate career, from learning to write linguistics papers through completing their dissertation and finding a job. Along the way, the author explains the process of submitting conference abstracts, speaking at conferences, publishing journal articles, writing grant applications, creating a CV, and much more. Throughout Surviving Linguistics, Macaulay emphasizes the importance of working with advisors, dissertation committees, and fellow graduate students. The second edition includes new exercises as well as helpful references to many new books and online resources. Macaulay focuses on North America in explaining the structure of graduate school and the process of applying for academic jobs. The advice in this book about writing and research in linguistics is useful to linguistics students everywhere.