Language Contact: An International Handbook, Vol. 1

Darquennes (Co-editor), J., J. Salmons (Co-editor), and W. Vandenbussche (Co-editor). Language Contact: An International Handbook, Vol. 1. De Gruyter Mouton, 2019.

Language Contact. An International Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of current topics in research on language contact. Broadly conceived, it stands out for its international approach to language contact, complementing the theoretical state-of-the-art with examples from traditionally eclipsed areas and languages. Next to a thorough introductory overview of the ground-breaking methodological and theoretical approaches that shaped the discipline, ample attention goes to the new and innovative insights on language contact in the 21st century. Combining concise introductory contributions with in-depth treatment of the most relevant case studies in the field, the handbook speaks to both junior and established scholars.