The undergraduate advisor is Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Shields, an alumna of the UW-Madison Linguistics Ph.D. program and current lecturer in Language Sciences. The undergraduate advisor can help you learn more about the major, select appropriate courses, explore language science related careers, connect to linguistic happenings on campus, and much more. We welcome your questions via email and appointment.

Rebecca Shields

Feel free to email Becky with quick questions, but for more substantive issues, please schedule an appointment so that we can best help you.

Scheduling an Appointment

Current UW-Madison students: schedule an appointment with Becky using the Starfish app. If none of the available slots work for you, you can also email Becky to set up an appointment outside of the posted hours. Some additional times are usually available. Appointments are open to currently declared majors as well as to all undeclared students interested in language sciences.

*Appointments are available both in person and online via Zoom. Make sure to select your preferred modality when making an appointment.*

Schedule an Appointment

Prospective students and parents: email Becky to arrange a meeting. Time permitting, we may be able to accommodate appointments from current high school and prospective transfer students who would like to learn about opportunities for the study of Language Sciences at UW-Madison.

Declaring the Linguistics Major

Students can declare the Linguistics major by making an in-person or online meeting with the undergraduate advisor.

It is recommended that students take at least one Linguistics course prior to declaring the major, to see if the major is a good fit. A good first course to take would be Ling 101: Human Language.

You are welcome to meet with the undergraduate advisor to learn about the major, whether or not you are ready to declare.

Declaring Honors in the Major

Students must meet with the undergraduate advisor to declare Honors in the Linguistics major.