Linguistics Courses

Prof. Eric Raimy and students in Ling 310 Phonology

Regular Offerings

Language Sciences offers courses with the subject heading Linguistics. The following courses are offered on a regular basis (generally at least once per year). See the Upcoming Course Schedule for current and future schedules by semester.

  • Ling 101/301: Human Language/Introduction to Linguistics
  • Ling 211: Global Language Issues
  • Ling 213: Topics in Sociolinguistics (can be repeated for credit)
    Recent topics:
    -Language Emergence
    -Inventing Languages
  • Ling 237: Language in Wisconsin
  • Ling 303: Historical Linguistics
  • Ling 309: Grammatical Variability of Language
  • Ling 310: Phonology
  • Ling 322: Morphology
  • Ling 330: Syntax
  • Ling 340: Semantics
  • Ling 371: Survey of North American Indian Languages
  • Ling 373: Topics in Linguistics (can be repeated for credit)
    Topics vary, recent examples include:
    -Sign Language Linguistics
    -Coding for Linguistics
    -Introduction to Statistics & Data Science for Linguists
    -Language Documentation & Revitalization
  • Ling 426/427: Field Methods I and II
  • Ling 510: Phonological Theories
  • Ling 522: Advanced Morphology
  • Ling 530: Syntactic Theories
  • Ling 571: Structure of a Language (can be repeated for credit with different languages)
  • Ling 690: Capstone in Linguistics
    Topic varies with instructor, recent examples:
    -Language in Wisconsin
    -Topics in Menominee Grammar
    -Linguistic Relativity
  • Ling 800: Research Methods and Materials
  • Ling 977: Seminar (can be repeated for credit)
    Seminar topics vary each semester. Some recent topics include:
    -Algonquian Historical Linguistics
    -Universal Grammar with Iconicity
    -Lexical Semantics and Derivation in the Algonquian Verb
    -Language Endangerment, Documentation, & Revitalization
    -Syntax & Linearization
    -Laryngeal Realism
    -Event-Feature-Precedence Phonology

See the Linguistics Course Guide Entry for course descriptions, prerequisite information, and full course listings.

A large number of linguistics courses are taught in departments across campus as well – see the Linguistics Electives page to learn more. Altogether, our majors have access to dozens of courses which cover a broad range of methods and issues in language science.