Ph.D. Minor

Requirements for the Ph.D. Minor

Ph.D. students in other departments may declare a minor concentration in Linguistics to achieve breadth in their studies, as required by the Graduate School.

The Linguistics minor consists of 12 credits chosen in consultation with the Language Sciences director, who is also the departmental minor advisor. The minor normally includes Linguistics 301, 310, and 330, plus one more course, but special programs may be devised with the approval of the minor advisor. See the Faculty page for current director contact information.

See the Linguistics Ph.D. Minor Guide entry for additional information.

Declaring the Ph.D. Minor

Make an appointment with the minor advisor for application materials and to formulate a program of study. The set of courses counting towards the minor must be approved by the minor advisor before any coursework commences. Make an appointment with the minor advisor as soon as possible if you are considering a Linguistics Ph.D. minor, in order to make sure that you are signed up for eligible courses.