Recommended Courses

(Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

The following courses are recommended choices for Linguistics majors to satisfy General Education requirements for their degree.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, these courses do not count towards the Linguistics major itself – these are just some good degree requirement options for students with a linguistics background.

Ethnic Studies

Eng 319: Language, Race, & Identity (Ling major elective)
LIS 202: Informational Divides and Differences in a Multicultural Society
Ling 371: Survey of North American Indian Languages (Ling major elective)

Communication B

African 204: Language, Culture, & Mobilization
Folk 100: Introduction to Folklore
LIS 201: The Information Society

Quantitative Reasoning B

Comm Arts 361: Intro to Quantitative Research in Communication
CS 220: Data Science Programming 1
LIS 440: Navigating the Data Revolution
Phil 211: Elementary Logic
Psych 210: Basic Statistics for Psychology
Stat 240: Data Science Modeling 1

These are just a few suggestions – there are many interesting options to choose from!