Related Programs

UW-Madison offers degree programs in a host of Language Science-related areas that intersect with or enhance a Linguistics major. Students often choose to pursue a degree with some combination of Linguistics plus an additional major or certificate. See the UW-Madison Guide for the full list of degree program options at UW-Madison.

Note that a “Certificate” at UW-Madison is similar to what is called a “minor” concentration at other institutions, although generally more substantial than a typical minor.

Programs in related Cognitive or Social Sciences:

Anthropology – B.A., B.S.

Communication Arts – B.A., B.S.

Communication Sciences & Disorders – B.A., B.S.

Computer Sciences – B.A., B.S., Certificate

Digital Studies – Certificate

Educational Policy Studies – B.S., Certificate

International Studies – B.A., B.S.

Neurobiology – B.A., B.S.

Public Policy – Certificate

Psychology – B.A., B.S.

Sociology – B.A., B.S.

TESOL – Certificate

Programs with a specific language or areal focus:

African Cultural Studies – B.A., B.S.

African Studies – Certificate

American Indian Studies – Certificate

Asian Languages & Cultures (concentrations in East, South, Southeast, or Trans-Asian) – B.A., B.S.

Chinese – B.A., B.S.

Chinese Professional Communications – Certificate

Classical Humanities – B.A., B.S.

Classics – B.A., B.S.

East Central European Languages, Literatures, & Cultures – Certificate

English (Language & Linguistics track) – B.A., B.S.

European Studies – Certificate

French – B.A., B.S., Certificate

German – B.A., B.S., Certificate

Italian – B.A., B.S., Certificate

Japanese – B.A., B.S.

Japanese Professional Communication – Certificate

Jewish Studies – B.A., B.S., Certificate

Latin – B.A., B.S.

Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies – B.A., B.S.

Middle East Studies – Certificate

Polish – B.A., B.S.

Portuguese – B.A., B.S.

Russian – B.A., B.S.

Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies – Certificate

Scandinavian Studies – B.A., B.S., Certificate

Spanish – B.A., B.S.