Faculty & Academic Staff

2023-2024 Director and Committee Chairs

Director of Language Sciences: Rajiv Rao

Events Committee Chair: Joe Salmons

Degree Programs Committee Chair: Rebecca Shields


Grant Armstrong

Email: gwarmstrong@wisc.edu

Syntax, Morphology, Semantics, Spanish, Yucatec Maya

Jacee Cho

Email: jacee.cho@wisc.edu

Language Acquisition, Syntax-Semantics Interface

Ryan Henke

Email: rehenke@wisc.edu

American Indian Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Documentation, and Revitalization

Laura Horton

Email: lahorton3@wisc.edu

Sign Language Linguistics, Language Emergence, Socialization, and Development

Jeremy Hutton

Email: jmhutton@wisc.edu

Northwest Semitic Languages

Margarita Kaushanskaya

Email: kaushanskaya@wisc.edu

Language Acquisition, Bilingualism

Yafei Li

Email: yafeili@wisc.edu

Syntax, Syntax-Morphology Interface, Chinese Syntax

Mark Louden

Email: mllouden@wisc.edu

Germanic Linguistics, Language Contact, Syntax

Gary Lupyan

Email: lupyan@wisc.edu


Monica Macaulay

Email: mmacaula@wisc.edu

Morphology, American Indian Linguistics, Endangered Languages

Caroline Niziolek

Email: cniziolek@wisc.edu

Neurolinguistics, Phonetics

Thomas Purnell

Email: tcpurnell@wisc.edu

Phonetics, Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Dialectology

Eric Raimy

Email: raimy@wisc.edu

Phonology, Morphology, Reduplication, Cognitive Science

Rajiv Rao

Email: rgrao@wisc.edu

Director of Language Sciences, Spanish Phonetics and Phonology

Joe Salmons

Email: jsalmons@wisc.edu

Historical Linguistics, Phonology, Language Variation, Germanic Linguistics

Rebecca Shields

Email: rashields@wisc.edu

Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Irish Gaelic

Katrina Daly Thompson

Email: katrina.daly.thompson@wisc.edu

African Sociolinguistics, Discourse Studies, Linguistic Anthropology

Anja Wanner

Email: awanner@wisc.edu

Syntax, English Grammar, Genre, Written Language