Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference (GLAC) 27

The 27th Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference (GLAC) is taking place from May 12-14, 2021. The conference is sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is taking place online this year.

A variety of UW-Madison students, faculty, and alumni are presenting at this year’s conference:

Sophia Striethold, Julie Larson-Guenette, David Owen, Anna Knudten (UW-Madison students and faculty) – ‘Umgangssprache macht Sprache unverständlich wenn falsch benutzt‘: Perceived Fluency in L2-German Writing

Laura Catharine Smith (Linguistics alum) – Rethinking Frisian and Scandinavian Vowel Balance in Terms of the Foot: In Search of a More Unified Account Across Germanic Phenomena

David Natvig (Linguistics alum) & Mike Putnam – Fuzzy Exponents: Past Tense Morphology in American Norwegian

Charlotte Vanhecke & Rachyl Hietpas (Linguistics PhD students) – Patterns of Laryngeal Contrast in Heritage Dutch Speakers

Joe Salmons (Lang Sci faculty) – Old High German i-umlaut without Paradox

See here for the full program, abtracts, and schedule.