Linguistics Fridays – Fall 2021

Our Linguistics Fridays Colloquia series is back this Fall, with a slight time shift to 3:00 pm. The weekly colloquia will remain online for the time being, with a tentative plan to transition to in person later this year.

Here is the schedule:

Linguistics Fridays

(Most) Every Friday at 3:00

October 8 – Strategies for Lexical Expansion in Algonquian Languages
Rachel Fedorchak, Vade Kamenitsa-Hale, Hunter Thompson Lockwood, and Monica Macaulay
University of Wisconsin-Madison

October 15 – Historical Linguistics Reading Group
Discussing the article “The role of frequency of use in lexical change: Evidence from Latin and Greek” by Wilson, Pappas & Mooers 2019 in Diachronica 36:4.

October 29 – Heritage Language Linguistics Reading Group
Discussing “Variation and stability of American Norwegian /r/ in contact” by David Natvig. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism (2021).

November 5 – Gary Lupyan and Ella Liu
Hidden diversity in people’s word meanings

November 12 – Sterling C.T. Martin, Joanna Bundus, Frank Morgan, Ira Fich, Doris J. McThomas, Delphine J. McThomas, & Susana Wadgymar
Introducing Project ENABLE: An online resource for Enriching Navajo as a Biology Language for Education

December 3 – Nick Fleisher
Projection in comparatives


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