Linguistics students at the Undergraduate Symposium

Thomas Harb & Janae Adams presenting their poster (co-author Grace Ruo not pictured)

We were extremely proud to have multiple Linguistics majors and students participate in the Undergraduate Symposium this year!

The annual symposium allows undergraduates from across the university to share and celebrate the creative, original research projects that they work on with a faculty mentor. Many projects draw on the students’ expertise and interest in multiple disciplines.


We were impressed (but not surprised) with the number of linguistics or linguistics-related presentations this year, showcasing a diverse array of research questions, topics, and methodologies. Great job everyone!

Linguistics majors and students presenting at the 2023 Undergraduate Symposium

  • “Negative Polarity Items in Upper Midwestern English” – Eleanor Sand & Miranda Vescio
  • “Investigating Power Dynamic Influence on Conversational Entrainment” – Tia Sadlon
  • “Sound System of Spanish L2 Speakers” – Thomas Harb, Grace Ruo, & Janae Adams
  • “Final /z/ and /s/ in Wisconsin in the 1970s and now” – Tong Jiao
  • “Post vernacular Norwegian language, culture and tourism in Stoughton” – Seongjae Choi
  • “Wisconsin Subliminality” – Alex Peseckis, Morgan Schmit, & Austin Gent