Ling Fridays: Reaser on language awareness

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@ 3:00 pm

Educating the educated: Raising language awareness on campus

Linguistics Fridays Colloquia talk

Jeffrey Reaser, North Carolina State University

In 2014, the Language and Life Project (LLP) at NC State University initiated the nation’s first dialect awareness program focused on the college campus. Since then, members of the LLP and the Language Diversity Ambassadors, a student organization founded to assist in this effort, have given countless presentations on campus at a number of events, including new faculty/staff orientation, new student orientation, professional development sessions, speaker series, diversity month celebrations, etc. Jeffrey Reaser, associate Director of the LLP, will present information about the development of the campus linguistic diversity initiative–including the research demonstrating the need for such a program–the products developed to support the initiative, and lessons learned from the past 9 years of doing this work. After the brief presentation, the remainder of the session will be spent in discussion about how such programs may be enacted at other universities.