LSO Working Papers in Linguistics volume 1

LSO Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 1 (cover)


An online version is not available for this volume. A physical copy is available through the UW-Madison Library system.


  • Zaharia Pilus – The production of voicing contrast in word-final stops by Malay speakers of English: a preliminary study
  • Laura Catharine Smith – Acquisition of /r/ and /l/ by learners of English: Evidence for production and perception as two distinct processes in SLA
  • Yookang Kim – Interaction of morphology and prosody in Old English
  • Philipp Strazny – On Bantu agreement
  • Cathlin Davis – Case and pronominal suffixes in Southern Sierra Miwok
  • Sky Lee – On the existentiality of bare plurals in progressives: Syntax-semantics interface