LSO Working Papers in Linguistics volume 3

LSO Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 3 (cover)

Proceedings of WIGL 1 (2003).

An online version is not available for this volume. A physical copy is available through the UW-Madison library system.


  • Vivian Lin – QR: A or A’?
  • Dukkyo Jung – vP: a strong EPP-featured Phase
  • Kasumi Kato – Verb-stem categorization and productivity in Japanese
  • Min Sook Kim – Evidence for the unmarked status of the vowel u in Korean
  • Sang-Geun Lee – From event structure to Syntax: resultatives with/without causativity
  • Ichiro Noguchi – On Rendaku
  • Rebecca Shields – Partial agreement in Russian
  • Nirada Simargool – Topic-comment and the English middles
  • Laura Catharine Smith – The role of prosodic templates in West Germanic -jan verbs