Maryellen MacDonald and Mark Seidenberg lead the Language & Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, with various ongoing projects in the area of language processing and acquisition including statistical learning, the influence of production on comprehension, and the effects of sociolinguistic variation on reading.

Gary Lupyan‘s Lupyan Lab conducts research on the interrelationships between language and cognition.

The Brain, Language, & Acoustic Behavior Lab (aka the BLAB LAB) is led by Caroline Niziolek. This team’s research focuses on auditory neurolinguistics, using state of the art technology to investigate the relationship between auditory processing and motor programming for speech.

The Speech Motor Action + Control Lab (aka the SMAC LAB) is led by Ben Parrell. The research focus of this lab is the neurobiology of speech production. The SMAC LAB and the BLAB LAB together form the Speech Motor Neuroscience Group at UW-Madison.