Monica Macaulay

Position title: Professor


1164 Van Hise Hall

Monica Macaulay

Language Sciences


Ph.D. Linguistics, University of California-Berkeley, 1987
M.A. Linguistics, University of California-Berkeley, 1981
A.B. Linguistics, University of California-Berkeley, 1979


Ling 322: Morphology
Ling 371: Survey of North American Indian Languages
Ling 426: Field Methods I
Ling 522: Advanced Morphology
Ling 571: Structure of a Language
Ling 800: Research Methods & Materials

Selected Publications

2016. Synchrony and Diachrony in Menominee Derivational Morphology. (With Joseph Salmons.) Morphology 26.1–37.

2015. Characterizing Evidentiality. (With Claudia Brugman.) Linguistic Typology 19(2):201-237.

2015. A Monoclausal Analysis of Menominee WH-Questions. (With Meredith Johnson.) International Journal of American Linguistics 81(3):337-377.

2014. Ézhe-bmadzimgek gdebodwéwadmi-zheshmomenan: Potawatomi Dictionary. (Co-compiled with Lindsay Marean, Laura Welcher, and Kimberly Wensaut; self-published with the Forest County Potawatomi Community.)

2013. The Native Languages of Wisconsin. (With Karen Washinawatok.) In Wisconsin Talk: Linguistic Diversity in the Badger State, Tom Purnell, Eric Raimy, and Joseph Salmons, eds.), pp. 15-25. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press.

2012. Menominee Dictionary (Self-published with Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin.)

2011. Surviving Linguistics: A Guide for Graduate Students (second edition). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. (First edition 2006.)

2009. A Beginner’s Dictionary of Menominee. (Co-compiled with Marianne Milligan; self-published with Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin.)

2005. The Syntax of Chalcatongo Mixtec: Preverbal and Postverbal. In Verb First: On the Syntax of Verb-Initial Languages. Andrew Carnie, Heidi Harley, and Sheila Ann Dooley (eds.), pp. 341-366. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

1997. Don’t Touch My Projectile: Gender Bias and Stereotyping in Syntactic Examples. (With Colleen Brice.) Language 73(4):798-825.

1996. A Grammar of Chalcatongo Mixtec. University of California Publications in Linguistics, Vol. 127. Berkeley, Los Angeles: University of California Press.

1995. The Phonology of Glottalization in Mixtec. (With Joseph C. Salmons.) International Journal of American Linguistics 61(1):38–61.

1987. Morphology and Cliticization in Chalcatongo Mixtec. Ph.D. dissertation, University of California-Berkeley.


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