Mürvet Enç

Position title: Professor Emerita

Email: menc@wisc.edu

Mürvet received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from UW-Madison in 1981.  She started her career with an academic position at the University of Southern California, and then became a member of the Linguistics faculty at UW-Madison, where she remained until her retirement in 2014. Her body of research includes many important contributions to semantic theory.

Selected Publications

Tense and modality. 1996. In Shalom Lappin (ed.), The Handbook of Contemporary Semantic Theory. Blackwell, pp. 345-358

The semantics of specificity. 1991. Linguistic Inquiry, 22(1), pp. 1-25.

Pronouns, licensing, and binding. 1989. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 7(1), pp.51-92.

Anchoring conditions for tense. 1987. Linguistic Inquiry, 18:4, pp. 633-657.

Towards a referential analysis of temporal expressions. 1986. Linguistics & Philosophy, 9, pp. 405-426.

Topic switching and pronominal subjects in Turkish. 1986. Studies in Turkish linguistics, 8, pp.195-208.

Tense without Scope: An Analysis of Nouns as Indexicals. 1981. Ph.D. Dissertation, UW-Madison.