Yafei Li

Position title: Professor

Email: yafeili@wisc.edu

1158 Van Hise Hall

Yafei Li

Language Sciences


Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990
M.A. Shandong University, 1985
B.A. Shandong University, 1982


Ling 309: Grammatical Variability of Language
Ling 330: Syntax
Ling 373: Topics in Linguistics – Morphosyntax
Ling 427: Field Methods II – Cantonese
Ling 530: Syntactic Theories
Ling 97x: Seminar

Selected Publications

Universal Grammar and Iconicity. 2022. Cambridge University Press.

(co-authored with Zhe Chen). Bipartite agentivity expression in Chinese passives. 2021. Syntax 4:123-141.

Liberal thematic arguments and v. To appear. In S. Feng and D. Tsai (eds.), Studies in Chinese Light Verbs. Beijing University Press.

On an integral theory of word-formation in Chinese and beyond. To appear. In Huang, C.-R., Y.-H. Lin and I.-H. Chen (eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Chinese Linguistics. Cambridge University Press.

What can biolinguistics learn from biology? 2018 Waiyu Jiaoxue yu Yanjiu 50.3 (co-authored with Zhe Chen).

Chinese Syntax. 2016. In Routledge Encyclopedia of the Chinese Language. Routledge.

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Is UG like a chunk of Swiss cheese? Evidence for a “third-factor” principle. 2013. Language and Linguistics 14:737-754.

Adverb classes and the nature of minimality. 2012 Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 30.1 (co-authored with Rebecca Shields and Vivian Lin).

The Syntax of Chinese. 2009. Cambridge University Press (co-author, with James Huang and Audrey Li).

X0: A Theory of the Morphology-Syntax Interface. 2005. MIT Press.

Cross-componential causativity. 1999. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 17.4.

X0-binding and verb incorporation. 1990. Linguistic Inquiry 21.3.

On V-V compounds in Chinese. 1990. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 8.2.

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