UW Linguists at MidPhon

A whole host of UW-Madison linguists attended MidPhon 23 this October, held this year at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Both students and faculty members from various UW units gave talks and posters about their research in phonetics and phonology:

Sarah Bakst (& co-authors) – Native language differences in adaptation to altered auditory feedback

Andrea Cudworth – Menominee Vowels: A First Acoustic Analysis

Hikaru KumonA Contrastive Hierarchy of Biblical Hebrew Obstruents: Observations from Consonantal Co-occurrence Restrictions

Tom Purnell, Eric Raimy, Joe Salmons, Alexey Samsonov, Julia Velikina, Ethan Brodsky, Douglas Dean, Steven Kecskemeti & Andy AlexanderDynamic MRI Imaging of the larynx during speech

Rajiv Rao & Matthew Burner – How Do Paisas Sound?: A Look into Colombian Spanish Intonation Phonology

Iman Sheydaei BaghdadehA diachronic analysis of Persian vowels: From Early New Persian to the contemporary three natioal dialects 

Glenn StarrFeature Reassembly in L2 Acquisition of Phonological Inventories – Mandarin to English

MidPhon 18 Poster Session

See the full schedule for abstracts of the presentations.