Celebrating a semester of Sundanese in the Field Methods capstone course

UW-Madison Field Methods course group photo Spring 2019

Our upper-level linguistics majors enjoyed a special celebration to mark the end of their Field Methods capstone course, as well as their time studying linguistics here at UW-Madison.

Field Methods student with Sundanese script nametag


The focus language this year was Sundanese, a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken on the island of Java in Indonesia.

Sundanese song performance in Field Methods class


The Sundanese language consultant​, Priza Marendraputra, kindly brought his family to campus to participate in the celebration, which included Sundanese song, ​a beautiful Sundanese dance ​by Priza’s wife Irma, and ​everyone’s names written in old Sundanese script.

Sundanese dance demonstration in Field Methods class


In the Field Methods course, students work directly with a native speaker consultant of an under-studied or under-documented language.

Students in Field Methods course


This unique hands-on course allows students to synthesize their linguistic training at UW ​by eliciting and analyzing primary linguistic data from a native speaker of a language they are unfamiliar with.

UW-Madison Field Methods course


The course was taught this year by Professor Monica Macaulay, who has extensive experience with field work in several Native American languages, and is currently Vice President of the Endangered Language Fund.

Students in the Field Methods class
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Photo credits: Gabrielle Mistretta