Mixtec Digitization Project

Page from Mixtec fieldwork notebook archive-Monica Macaulay

The Survey of California and Other Indian Languages (UC-Berkeley) reports that they have successfully digitized several collections of Mixtec fieldwork, including some collections from UW-Madison Language Sciences Professor Monica Macaulay. The digitized materials are available online as part of the California Language Archive. Here is an excerpt from their Facebook post:

“Professor Monica Macaulay (University of Wisconsin-Madison) deposited 13 field notebooks (over 1.150 pages) and 43 record cassettes, which we added to several existing collections. In addition, we catalogued materials from two classes of field methods from the Berkeley language department, which were among the roles of Professor Leanne Hinton.

• Berkeley Field Methods: Chalcatongo de Hidalgo Mixtec (speaker Nicolás Cortes, mostly 1981), 2020-16, http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.7297/X2XS5SWX
• Monica Macaulay Papers on the Mixtec Language (lead speakers Margarita Cuevas Cortes and Crescentciano Ruiz Ramirez, among others, 1981 to 1992), http://cla.berkeley.edu/collection/28
• Monica Macaulay Collection of Mixtec Sound Recordings (the same speakers, 1982 and 1992), LA249, http://cla.berkeley.edu/collection/10208
• Leanne Hinton and Monica Macaulay Collection of Mixtec Sound Recordings (same speakers, 1985), LA177, http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.7297/X2H41PNR

The 1982 and 1992 recordings come with references indicating the corresponding pages in the field notes. (We’ll add similar references for the 1985. recordings in time) The papers also include more than 500 pages of the same key notes. This picture comes from Macaulay. 019.”