Ada Deer Professor Macaulay honored at celebration for WARF named professorship

Macaulay speaking to Chancellor Mnookin at Ada Deer Named professorship celebration

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, a group of UW-Madison faculty were honored for prestigious fellowship awards received this year. Language Sciences Professor Monica Macaulay was one of 5 faculty at the celebration to be recognized for a WARF Named Professorship. Macaulay’s professorship is titled the Ada Deer Professor of Language Sciences.

Prof. Macaulay speaking at celebration of Ada Deer named professorship

In her address to the audience, Macaulay spoke about why she chose Ada Deer ’57 as the person to honor in the name of the professorship. A recent Wisconsin Alumni Association article “Forging Firsts: The Remarkable Life of Ada Deer” describes the influential and far-seeing member of the Menominee Nation as “a political activist and trailblazer” who was “a tireless advocate for Native rights and a just society.”

Chancellor Mnookin, WARF named professorship honorees, and Eric Iverson at a celebration of WARF named professorships in Sept., 2023

In this photo from the event, 4 of the 5 WARF honorees (center) stand with Chancellor Mnookin (left), and Eric Iverson, CEO of WARF (right).

In addition to the 5 WARF honorees, there were also 18 Romnes and 12 Kellett awardees recognized at the event. Congratulations to Professor Macaulay and all of the deserving faculty receiving awards this year!

Thank you to Joe Salmons and Rajiv Rao for providing photographs for this article!