Spring 22 Senior Capstone Course

Photo credits: Miranda Vescio

Each semester, a small group of senior Linguistics majors engages in a special course which culminates their studies in language sciences at UW-Madison. In the Linguistics “Capstone” course, students develop advanced linguistic research skills such as data collection, hypothesis testing, and analysis.

In Spring 2022 the course was offered as Ling 427: Field Methods II, and was taught by Professor Yafei Li. Students worked directly with a Cantonese native speaker consultant throughout the semester to collect linguistic data. The focus of the class this semester was Cantonese morphosyntax.

A different capstone topic is offered each semester, and various research methodologies are utilized. Starting in the Fall of 2022, the capstone will be offered with a new course number – Linguistics 690: Capstone in Lingusitics. We are happy to be able to offer this unique and interactive experience to our undergraduate majors!