Lang Sci at MidPhon 2022 in St. Louis

Two of our Linguistics PhD students presented their research at the annual MidPhon conference last weekend. MidPhon 27 took place October 7-8, 2022 at Washington University in St. Louis. Jae Weller presented joint work on the laryngeal phonology of Mixtec, and Rachyl Hietpas shared a poster about voicing in heritage Dutch.

“Interactions of tone, glottalization, and word shape in San Sebastián Del Monte Mixtec” – Jae Weller (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Jeremy Steffman (Northwestern University), Félix Cortés (Proyecto Club Alma Mixteca), Iara Mantenuto (California State University, Dominguez Hills)


Jae Weller presenting at the MidPhon 2022 conference

“Was /b/ always a /b/? Dutch immigrant and heritage VOT production in real time” –  Rachyl Hietpas (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Rachyl Hietpas at poster session of MidPhon 2022 conference