Lang Sci at the LSA 2024!

There was a big crowd of UW-Madison linguists at the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) annual meeting in New York City this January, as well as at the concurrent meeting of the American Dialect Society.

Linguistics PhD student Rachyl Hietpas in the Big Apple

In an exciting initiative, our Linguistics Student Org received a grant from Associated Students of Madison to help support several undergrad Linguistics majors to attend the conference too!

Undergrad students Jack Crabb and Martino Mangano with graduate students Jae Weller and Rachyl Hietpas at the LSA 2024


Presenting a paper or poster at the conference or the concurrent meeting were:

Linguistic Society of America

“Representing Exceptions to Turkish Vowel Harmony,” Jae Weller, Eric Raimy

“Syntactic variation of the existential there construction in English: An acceptability judgment task,” Vatcharit Chantajinda

“News as a register in the digital age: Linguistic features and the impact of online news writing,” Difei Zhang

“Uyghur disharmony without diacritics (or, phonological representations are phonological),” B. Elan Dresher, Daniel Currie Hall, William Idsardi, Eric Raimy

Jae Weller presenting a poster co-authored with Professor Eric Raimy

Panelist and organizer at the organized session “Bridging Child Language Research to Practice for Language Revitalization

“A further look at properties of verbs in Northern East Cree child-directed speech” Ryan Henke


American Dialect Society

“Final stop aspiration: A Norwegian-English feature in Wisconsin English?” Laura Moquin

“I have thoughts pero like I’ll keep them to myself”: pero like as a resource for stance taking among heritage Spanish speakers,” Kristen Fleckenstein,  Juliet Huynh

“Which witch?: The merger of /ʍ/ and /w/ over time,” Rachyl Hietpas, Norah Howell