Lang Sci at MidPhon 28

The 28th Midcontinental Phonetics & Phonology Conference (MidPhon) was held at Purdue University on October 20-21, 2023, and Lang Sci as usual had a strong showing at this annual meeting.

*Thank you to Eric Raimy, Charlotte Vanhecke, and Joe Salmons for contributing the photos for this post!*

Lang Sci members presenting at this year’s conference were:

“Representing exceptions to Turkish vowel harmony”
Jae Weller (Language Sciences) & Eric Raimy (English & Language Sciences)


“Awareness of glottalization among American English speakers”
Sarah Holmstrom (Language Sciences)

“Cross-linguistic development of laryngeal gestures in acquisition”
Luke Annear, Joe Salmons, Charlotte Vanhecke (Language Sciences)

There were also linguistics students from other UW-Madison programs giving posters:

“Colombian Spanish intonation: A comparison between Colombian Caribbean Spanish
intonation in cities and towns”
Estefanía Galindo (Spanish)

“Pursuing a rule-based approach to English intonation”
Joseph Moran (English)

Wonderful to see so much exciting phonetics and phonology research coming from UW!