Workshop in General Linguistics (WIGL)

Workshop in General Linguistics 16
WIGL 16 (2019)

The LSO has sponsored the Workshop in General Linguistics (WIGL) most years annually since 2003. The workshop is held in spring at UW-Madison, and is open to presentations from any area of linguistics. The proceedings are published online in the LSO Working Papers in Linguistics.

Upcoming WIGL

WIGL was on hiatus in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. We plan to hold WIGL 17 at UW-Madison in spring of 2022 – more info forthcoming.

Audience members at WIGL 5 (2007)

WIGL 5 (2007)

Past WIGLs

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(The list here includes everything we were able to reconstruct from our records – if anyone out there has past programs with any of the missing information, we would love to hear from you at!)

WIGL 16 (2019) – invited speaker: Caroline Niziolek “Language Made Audible: How Speech Acoustics Reflect Communicative Goals”

WIGL 15 (2018)

WIGL 14 (2017) – invited speaker: Grant Armstrong “‘To be NP’ or ‘not to be NP’: what can and cannot be a nominal predicate in Yucatec Maya”

WIGL 13 (2016) – invited speaker: Joshua Raclaw “Producing claims of epistemic rights and access through no prefaced utterances in English conversation”

WIGL 12 (2015) – invited speaker: David Salo “The Diachrony of Imagination”

WIGL 11 (2014) – invited speakers: Tom Purnell, Eric Raimy, and Joe Salmons “Hypermodularity and Wisconsin English”

WIGL 10 (2012) – invited speakers: Monica Macaulay, Rand Valentine

WIGL 9 (2011) – invited speaker: Rebecca Shields “Multiple scrambling and Relativized Minimality”

WIGL 8 (2010) – invited speakers: Joe Salmons, Hamid Ouali

WIGL 7 (2009) – invited speaker: Kier Moulton

WIGL 6 (2008) – invited speaker: Yafei Li “The minimalist LF is a tranquil LF”

WIGL 5 (2007) – invited speaker: Mürvet Enç “Event structure, boundaries, and temporal modifiers”

WIGL 4 (2006) – invited speaker: Marianne Milligan “The Need for Language Specific Constraints: Evidence from Menominee prosodic structure”

WIGL 3 (2005) – invited speaker: Monica Macaulay “On Prominence Hierarchies: The Case of Algonquian”

WIGL 2 (2004) – invited speaker: Tom Purnell “Repair Operation Hierarchies in Bantu Tonology”

WIGL 1 (2003) – invited speaker: Vivian Lin “QR: A or A’?”